Personalised Tree Paintings by Treespeake

All my designs are my own original artwork, created in my home studio. This allows me to personalise my paintings and make them a unique gift or perhaps just an uplifting treat! You can choose to have a specific tree or bird image and you may also choose words to be entwined within the branches. The words interwoven within your tree could be a special phrase, the name of a loved one or a memorable occasion and date, for example a Christening or Wedding.

Treespeake bird detail - wedding commissionsTreespeake tree art commissions - bird detailTreespeake personalised wedding commissions - tree painting with two birds


Gifts for special occasions

I regularly undertake commissioned pieces and I love making people’s ideas come to life through my paintings. I have heard wonderful stories of joy, following the birth of a baby or a wedding celebration. I like to feel that the recipient of one of my pieces is reminded of their joyous occasion whenever they gaze at it hanging on their wall, or whilst worn as a pendant.

Birth and Christening gifts

The birth of a baby is a very special time for any family. With so many baby products on the market, many people choose to give personalised gifts. This means your gift will be completely unique and will be treasured throughout the baby’s life. Tree paintings look wonderful in a nursery or child’s bedroom. Christening gifts can be chosen with an appropriate biblical verse or simply the name of the child and date of christening.


I paint miniature trees and birds which I then set into vintage brooches and necklaces. I use a variety of ribbons and lace for my pendants and chokers – some of these can be selected by you. Depending on the pendant or brooch setting, there may be the opportunity for a double sided piece, with your own inscription or photo set into the back. For more information, please visit my Jewellery portfolio.

Wedding commissions

An original painting is a lovely gift for any bride and groom. These pieces can be personalised with their names, a message and/or their wedding date.

My designs are also be suitable for use on wedding invitations and stationery. The overall price for this service would depend on the size of your painting and the time taken to create it. For wedding invitations I would also need to include professional scanning of the original to create your own file on disc or memory stick.

Treespeake christening commissions

I completed this commissioned painting recently as a wedding gift and I am about to begin another to celebrate the birth of a new baby.
Every tree is totally unique and begins with your words and a sketch. Unlike other personalised pictures, I work only as a painter and do not use computer design packages.






Thoughtful cards for any occasion

If you do not wish to have a personalised piece, I stock a number of tree paintings, jewellery and cards which are suitable for many different occasions. Please visit the Buy section of my site to find out how to make a purchase.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss your ideas for a commissioned piece further, please do not hesitate to contact me.