Autumn leaves are falling

Posted by on Nov 5, 2018

Autumnal Art

Looking out of my window today, I can see that the seasons are most definitely on the change. The long hot summer we have enjoyed this year is fading, leaving in its’ wake glorious colours. The leaves on the trees are turning every shade of red, brown, yellow, pink and orange and the sunsets here in Devon are picture perfect as the evenings get shorter and the temperature drops. I love to see the stark contrast of bare branches against the pink of the sunset at dusk.

Nature creates art that us humble humans cannot aspire too; however, I like to try!

Autumn leaves - Autumn tree art

Nature-inspired paintings

For me, the changes seen in the trees throughout the seasons is a fascinating spectacle; ever-changing and always perfect.

I hope that my paintings reflect the trees throughout the seasons and bring them to life on people’s walls. Trees give me hope that whilst things change there is a certain constancy that endures; trees are resilient to the weather and the changing seasons.

Holly berries - autumn tree art

This year the trees are full of fruit; apple trees are weighed down by an abundance of red and green apples, holly bushes are red with berries and velvet-lined copper beech nuts litter the ground where they have already fallen. The birds will do well this year! Some say that such a glut of fruit and berries on the trees indicates a cold hard winter to come. Perhaps we shall see the bare branches laden with snow again this year.

Escot Festive Artisan Fair

Meanwhile, I sit in the peace of my little studio finishing commissions designed to bring joy and hope to someone’s home. I’m also preparing for an exciting autumn exhibition at Escot Festive Artisan Fair. This has been organised by The Creative Business Network, based here in Devon, and showcases a number of other artists and craft-people’s work. I love chatting to people about my paintings, so if you see my stall, please come and say hello!

Treespeake exhibition - Escot Festive Artisan Fair

I attend a few different events throughout the year which are all listed on the Buy page of my site.

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